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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry reacts to Ruud van Nistelrooy’s Rivalry remarks


Arsenal legend Thierry Henry concedes he needed to beat Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United former forward) to the Golden Boot but he, however, never allowed their contention influence his on-pitch exhibitions.

(L) Van Nistelrooy (R) Henry

The competent Dutch forward talked as of late about how he was persuaded by his goalscoring fights with Henry, disclosing to Rio Ferdinand’s Vibe with Five show: ‘I needed to rival him, I expected to get my levels there.’

Van Nistelrooy would regularly be hopeless on the off chance that he had neglected to net in goals however Henry had – regardless of the fact that United had won – while Sir Alex Ferguson even impeded him from attempting to win the Golden Boot to fire him up for the coming season.

‘It was clearly written on my mind when he left me in the stands that I was at that point beginning the new season,’ he proceeded. ‘I was staying there watching the game checking if Henry had scored. He needed to get me started up for the following season. I needed to stay aware of Thierry.’

Van Nistelrooy

Henry has regularly made light of the meaning of his competition with Van Nistelrooy at the same time, while he was not exactly as over the top as the Dutchman, he has affirmed he was continually watching out for the United man.

Gotten some information about Van Nistelrooy’s remarks and on the off chance that he additionally checked his adversary’s objective takes, Henry revealed to The Robbie Fowler Podcast: ‘Yes I did, on the grounds that it’s ordinary. You’re engaging against somebody.

‘I would lie in the event that I said it didn’t influence me, yet it didn’t direct me. It didn’t direct my game.

‘I understood how I needed to help my team mates, I wasn’t going to shoot from each point only for beating Ruud – and he was quite a player, don’t misunderstand me.

‘The main thing as I generally say is that we need to score. I don’t need to score. Usually it would be me, however the team needs to score not me. We need to win, not me.

‘You look at it, I didn’t score a great deal of goals at Arsenal in my professional career where we lost the game. Those goals I’m actually taking them, don’t remove them from me! yet those objectives didn’t mean anything for me.

Thierry Henry

‘All the goals I scored and we lost, they did not mean anything for me. I was not going, “You know that, I’ve managed my work, we lost 3-2 however I scored two goals, I care less?”

‘No I gave it a second thought. I cared on the grounds that I didn’t do what’s needed and as a person, that is how you should feel.

‘So indeed, did I see Van Nistelrooy’s goals? Indeed! Did I take a gander at if Man United won? Indeed! It’s something very similar. It’s not generally singular, we were doing combating with them so clearly I’m seeing which Man United did after the game.

‘At that point I’m fighting with Ruud van Nistelrooy, and I’m taking a gander at that.

‘Also, at that point, individuals couldn’t have cared less helps, so I wasn’t seeing who was giving assists and who wasn’t giving. It turned into a thing as of late, in the previous four or five years everybody is showcasing assists, goals, goals contribution and various stuff.

‘So yes I looked at it, however that wasn’t going to direct the individual and the player I would have been.’

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