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Florentino Perez sends message to Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham with strong Super League claim


The ESL, established back in April, sent shockwaves across the world and the circumstance actually remains completely unsettled, with three clubs actually engaged with the arrangement

Madrid president Perez, who was the brains behind the ESL plan, has conceded that the six clubs from England who were included were “pressured” into reassessing their association.

In probably the greatest story that has shaken football in ongoing history, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham HotSpur, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City all joined to the arrangement of framing a 12-in number breakaway ESL, just for them all to retreat under 48 hours after the plans were divulged back in April.

The allies of every one of the six clubs were downright appalled with their club’s arrangement to join the breakaway class, joining any semblance of Barcelona and Real Madrid in being establishing individuals.

Since the arrangement exploded, every one of the six of the clubs from England at first associated with the plan have been rebuffed, close by Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atletico Madrid, with each of them nine compelled to pay a joined fine totalling £13.4million towards youngsters’ and grassroots football across Europe.

In any case, with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, the club that Florentino Perez stays accountable for, Juventus actually included inside the arrangement, Florentino Perez has given a most recent update in general circumstance, demanding that those actually associated with the ESL have “won” and that the Super League can’t be “contacted” by UEFA body, who were incensed when the plans were initially divulged.

“We are quiet, on account of what we have, we have won,” ESL Florentino Perez disclosed to El Transistor. “The English teamswere forced.

“They marked something they shouldn’t have marked, on the grounds that they are focused on the ESL. They needed to rebuff them, and the courts have said no.

“There is an official agreement and nobody can leave. The ESL proceeds. We went to the appointed authority who made a decision and said the ESL can’t be contacted.

“UEFA can’t do anything to individuals or the clubs. It’s halted. Presently the court in Luxembourg should choose.”

Notwithstanding the ESL have been impacted by essentially everybody not engaged with the arrangement, Perez remains completely strong of the thought, demanding it’s anything but an arrangement to prevent football from “passing on.”

“We have been dealing with this for a very long time,” Florentino Perez added. “It’s an arrangement to forestall football, which is losing interest, from kicking the bucket.

“We are not barring anybody, however everybody can’t be there. Roma-Sampdoria has less interest than United, PSG. The fans are in control here.”

Notwithstanding Florentino Perez conceding that the ESL “proceeds” and that “nothing has fizzled,” UEFA do stay plan on rebuffing the three clubs actually included, regardless of disciplinary procedures having been requires to briefly wait.

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