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Premier League referees must stop leniency and do more to protect Arsenal players


Assessment: The Gunners will be up against Burnley in their next match who are known for their harsh style of play and after Tarkowski’s perilous test on Richarlison, the authorities should ensure this doesn’t reoccur in the match against the north London club.

James Tarkowski was perhaps furious when he went in for a robust slide-tackle on Everton’s Richarlison and inexplicably got away without a booking in Everton’s match with Burnley.

This left the Gunners fans feeling dazed in light of the fact that it appeared to be that Xhaka was given a red card for a comparable tackle against City a little while before Everton’s match.

Significantly more worryingly is that the north London club will play against Burnley in their forthcoming game, thus far the officials have considered handles against Gunners players not to be perilous regardless of whether the rival doesn’t contact the ball or gets the man’s leg.

Saka was the survivor of an attack by Chiellini during the Euro 2020 last when the adolescent had his shirt pulled with greatest fierceness.

James Tarkowski’s tackle on Richarlison

The focusing of the Gunners’ youngster has proceeded into the PL as Norwich City likewise applied forceful strategies towards the 20-year-old forward.

Head League arbitrators should harden their position on Burnley’s handles before a physical issue happens to one of the Gunners players.

The north Londoners have been on the finish of awful difficulties that have brought about genuine wounds during the PL period, and we were fortunate to stay away from a genuine physical issue before this mission even got in progress after Alli’s helpless tackle on Pépé in pre-season was just rebuffed with a yellow card.

Assuming we need to keep away from comparable circumstances to Eduardo, Ramsey or Diaby who all got awful wounds because of the despicable difficulties incurred upon them, then, at that point Burnley should be managed.

The Gunners has been a club prestigious for their physical issue history lately however, this isn’t helped by the referees being indulgent towards players who tackle illicitly contrasted with on the off chance that It happened to another club’s player, Granit Xhaka for instance.

Ideally, James Tarkowski’s unpunished test on Richarlison was a reminder for the authorities not to be so permissive on the handles regardless of the reasonable philosophy to quit meddling with the play however much they had done already.

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